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Farm Vehicles for Sale
153 Day(s) ago offers farm vehicles such as tractors, harvesters and farm implements for sale in Uganda at very competitive prices.
Location: Africa, Uganda
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All these come with their full accessories, are custom made to the specifications of the client and are designed to be long lasting and reliable. Thes..
Location: Africa, Uganda
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Uganda Gorilla Tours
1619 Day(s) ago
The perfect 3 days adventure with just enough time to peep inside the delicate curtains that protect the world of the largest living apes. http://b..
Location: Africa, Uganda
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Calibration and re-verification services We will ensure that your equipment is both accurate and compliant.  We offer re-verification of weighing equ..
Location: Africa, Uganda
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Load Cells and Weigh Bars Our comprehensive range of load sensing devices and cells includes analogue, digital and vibrating beam loadcells and the i..
Location: Africa, Uganda
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